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Wednesday 26 January 2022

RED BREASTED MERGANSER (Mergus serrator) male at Broadmeadow Estuary, Malahide, Fingal, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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The Red Breasted Merganser (Mergus serrator) is of the family Anatidae which is in the genus Mergus. This medium sized diving duck occurs in North America as well as in large parts of Eurasia. In the temperate areas of its range, this northern breeder, nests on the ground in secluded areas along rivers, on fresh water islands and close to lake. Before the onset of colder weather, some populations move to coastal locations and others migrate south to warmer regions for the winter.

Patrick J. O'Keeffe / Raw Birds
 Red Breasted Merganser (Mergus serrator) distribution map
 Breeding             Resident             Passage            Non breeding - winter 
SanoAK: Alexander Kürthy, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons