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Thursday 31 March 2022

BRENT GOOSE or PALE BELLIED BRENT GOOSE (Branta bernicla subspecies B. b. hrota) a family party, [two adults, 1st on left and 2nd right plus three 1st winters] at Howth Harbour, Howth, Fingal, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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The Brent Goose (Branta bernicla), also known as Brant Goose in North America, is of the family Anatidae which is in the genus Branta.
There are three subspecies generally recognised:
        • Dark-bellied Brent Goose (B. b. bernicla) or Dark-bellied Brant in North America
        • Pale-bellied Brent Goose (B. b. hrota) or Atlantic Brant in North America
        • Black Brant Goose (B. b. nigricans) or the Pacific Brant in North America
It has also been suggested by some that the so called Grey-bellied Brent Goose be recognised as a subspecies. 

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