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Friday 12 May 2017

MEDITERRANEAN KATYDID [Female] (Phaneroptera nana) S'Albufereta Nature Reserve, Port de Pollenca, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

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The Mediterranean Katydid (Phaneroptera nana) is a bush-cricket of the family Tettigoniidae which is the genus Phaneroptera. It mainly occurs in southern Europe, the Near East and North Africa. It can be encountered from July through to October in sunny and dry habitats, especially in shrubs and low branches of trees. The males grow up to 13–15 millimeters long while females can reach 15–18 millimeters. The basic colouration of the body is light green, with many small black spots. Head, legs and wings are also green. The eyes are bright orange. Hind wings are longer than the fore wings. The female's sickle shaped ovipositor is about 5 millimeters long.