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Sunday 12 July 2020

COMMON POND SKATER [Nymph] (Gerris lacustris) Lullymore West Bog, IPCC Nature Reserve, Lullymore, Co. Kildare, Ireland

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The Common Pond Skater (Gerris lacustris), also known as Common Water Strider, is of the family Garridae which is in the genus Gerris. This predatory insect occurs throughout Europe including Britain and Ireland. 
The middle and rear legs are covered in sensitive hairs which detect movement of prey items and the front legs are used to capture victims. After overwintering as adults, they emerge in late April to commence mating and then egg laying. When the eggs hatch, there are five instar or nymph stages before becoming brown coloured adults. Hibernation away from water commences in late October.

Patrick J. O'Keeffe / Raw Birds